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Terms & Conditions

Evyar is a website that sells jewelry. The products are offered to the internet surfing public in Israel and around the world, through a secure sale on the website.

A one-year warranty will be granted from the date of purchase for repairs. The warranty is valid for manufacturing defects only, and does not include defects that result from the wear of the jewelry as a result of the time it has been worn, from damage caused to the jewelry, or from use that is not suitable for the jewelry.

orders will be shipped within 20 business days after payment, unless it's a personalized order, in which case the customer will be notified.

The website offers free shipping . The website will not be held responsible for any delays in delivery that are beyond its control, such as natural disasters, strikes, embargoes or technical issues with the Israel Post. Also, if the customer does not collect the products from the post office within 7 days of receiving notice, the website will not be responsible for the delay.

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